Kiwi – Green ( कीवी – ग्रीन ) Jumbo – 3pcs

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Buy Kiwi – GreenOnline in Jodhpur ( कीवी – ग्रीन) delivers bag full of groceries with joy and happiness at your doorstep and hence is the best place to Buy  Kiwi – Green( कीवी – ग्रीन) Online in Jodhpur. Kiwis are oval shaped with a brownish outer skin. The flesh is bright green and juicy with tiny, edible black seeds. With its distinct sweet-sour taste and a pleasant smell, it tastes like strawberry and honeydew melon.To make your cooking easy , you can easily Buy Kiwi – GreenOnline in Jodhpur from . We are committed in delivering only the best quality fresh fruits and vegetables to all our customers ensuring their health.
Also known as :- Kiwi – Green, keevi-green, keewi-green,kiwi.